Let us buy your unwanted records

Collectable artists

Elvis Presley

The King. And rightly so! There are 50 billion (or thereabouts) Elvis records out there for the taking. However not all of them are worth money. If you have 7” singles with purple HMV labels with gold writing, that’s a good thing. (Some have silver writing and these are not quite as rare). The 3 biggie albums are on HMV too. “Elvis Presley”, “Rock n Roll No.2” and the 10” “Greatest Hits”. Sadly, most of them are in poor condition. But if you have a good copy, sell it to us!

The Beatles…

The Beatles started off in Liverpool in the early 1960s and are probably the most important and collectable band in the world. But they sold continent-sized pallets of records, so most are worth minimal amounts. However, those in mint condition are always worth a bob or two. So if you have export copies or gems like the stereo gold-label version of “Please, Please Me”, then these can mean a new car or an exotic holiday are on the cards for you. Yes, they can go for thousands. The US-only LP “Yesterday & Today” with the famous “butchers” sleeve is another desirable. We’ve actually had one of these in the shop too. A lot of these records though have been reissued over the years and don’t have the same value of originals. You need to know what you are looking at to tell them apart. We can do that for you.

…and The Stones

The Rolling Stones were formed by Cheltenham boy, Brian Jones, along with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and the other two. They wanted to be a blues band but having youth and swagger on their side meant that they were soon being screamed at by knicker-wetting young girls whose parents disapproved. They sold lorry loads of records too but most copies appear to be well played and extremely battered. Still, there are some very desirable issues: “Let It Bleed” with the stickered sleeve and poster; “Their Satanic Majesties Request…” with the hologram sleeve; along with quite a few others. The Stones are collectable because they are the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band in the world. And they are still going.

Jimi Hendrix

The greatest guitarist ever and true legend. Jimi Hendrix records originally sold in good numbers and today, mint ones are always highly sought after. Releases like “Electric Ladyland” are very desirable and if you have the laminated gatefold sleeve version with the blue writing inside (most are white), then you can definitely afford a lovely slap-up meal at the Fat Duck with Heston Blumenthal personally cooking it for you.

The Who

What a brilliant band! Their early Brunswick singles are just fantastic. Although not worth loads, they are wanted by those in the know. The Who “Sell Out” is collectable, especially the copies with the stickered sleeve and poster (yes, you do need an original poster). “A Quick One” in mono on the Reaction label is fantastic too. And if you have a “Live at Leeds” with the black stamped sleeve and all 12 original inserts, well prepare to smile when you realise it’s worth a few bob.

Led Zeppelin

Probably the quintessential supergroup. They have a massive following which makes their records very collectable. The biggie is the Atlantic pressing of first album with the plum label and the front sleeve text in a cyan blue colour rather than the more common orange. If you have one of these, can you bring it in just so we can hold it, please?!