Let us buy your unwanted records


This is the page where you can get in touch with us and let us know if there is anything in particular you'd like to get your hands. Plus we try and help our customers find anything record/music based that they would be interested in purchasing.

Just recently we've had a few enquiries for old record players, music centres and radiograms so if you are looking to sell one or just have one taken off your hands, please see below and use the email link to get in touch.

Some of our customers are after the following:

  • 1970's Music Centre - you know the type. Record and tape decks side by side with a radio on the front. email here if you have one available
  • 1950's / 1960's Radiogram - ideally with valves and in working order. email here if you have one available
  • Record Cases 50's,60's & 70's vinyl record cases wanted please in good usable condition email here if you have any available

Top Prices will be paid...

...for original copies of the following 7" in Ex+ condition:

  • The Factory - Path through the forest - MGM MGM1444
  • Tintern Abbey - Beeside/Vacuum Cleaner - Deram DM164
  • The Syndicats - Crawldaddy Simone - Columbia DB7686
  • The Voice - Train to disaster - Mercury MF905

The above records are very collectable so click here if you have any of these you wish to sell.

Do you have a list of records you want?

Simply fill in the form below to let us know what you want or collect and if we have it in stock or come across anything, we'll let you know.

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